Cobargo Bushfire Recovery Fund Inc.
The Fund created by the world.

We’ve had great support. Thanks go to:

Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery Fund Inc. Link here
The Fund gave us $20,000 towards new equipment which was incredibly generous. Thank you to the donors who gave money from all over the world. It has helped us many times over.

IHG and the Cobargo Co-Op
A great business and community partnership formed around the Triangle Tool Library.
The generosity of IHG and the support of the Co-op glued the project into place overnight.
We continue to enjoy an ongoing relationship with both the Co-op and IHG.

Vinnies Good Works

St. Vincent dePaul Society ¬†Vinnies provided a $10,000 grant to purchase the central element to our retail, training and storage space, the side opening container. This is a central and critical piece of infrastructure for the Tool Library because it creates our ‘place’. It’s our anchor.

Freemasons’ Association (NSW & ACT) Inc.¬† Link here
Mason Glen Green brought together donations of tools from Men’s Sheds, the CWA and Masons from Sydney to Nowra to distribute into the South East region. He brought a container full of wonderful building hand tools and cleaning tools for those who had lost theirs in the fires.

SCPA-South East Producers Inc. Link here
SCPA have supported the Cobargo community for many years. Most notably by hosting the Cobargo community mailing list so many of us use to communicate locally Join here.

Minderoo Foundation Link here
Minderoo have contributed so much to the Cobargo community in housing, broad support and their contribution to the Triangle Tool Library of our very own container. Thank you.

Triangle Tool Library Members
Our members came on board quickly. The Tool Library is a valuable service to us all. We get a hole without having to buy the auger! Thank you all so much for your confidence in the idea.